Caroline the Brave Profile PicAw, thanks for asking.  I’ve got 4 amazing kids, a husband I’ve been in love with for decades, and Jesus in my heart; I crave coffee daily, and I walk barefoot in the grass whenever I can.  But on to why I blog about natural living.

I believe it starts with me, mom extraordinaire. I do the grocery shopping, I cook the meals, and I leave the food tradition for my children, and my children’s children.

If I take these duties lightly, I invite disease and death to dine with us. 80% of chronic illness is preventable, but that encouraging fact is only useful with vigilant research & diligent implementation.

If we are the grocery shoppers, if we are the cooks, we are the gatekeepers of our family’s health.

And I’ve found my job researching and implementing the benefits of real food and herbs gives honor to God.  Marveling at the complexity and practicality found in creation honors the Creator, which almost always results in better health for my family.  So stay awhile, and marvel with me.

with love, Caroline