I Go the Extra Mile to Make Your Shopping Experience Top Notch.

Let me explain with a few bullet points, since we all seem to like bullet points.

  • I stock all my inventory in my smoke-free, temperature controlled home in Kalamazoo, MI.
  • I personally inspect each item to ensure that it meets my high standard of quality.
  • I ship your purchase within one business day, so it’ll be at your door step in 2 to 4 days if you live within the USA. Many other online shops of my size can not claim these things.
  • I’m proud to be a micro-business. I don’t hide behind language such as ‘us’ and ‘we’. It’s just me and my elbow grease  my cats (‘elbow grease’ didn’t sound good for a jewelry boutique).
  • I’m committed to this proverb, “A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold”
  • Because you’re supporting a hard working mama’s micro business, you’ll receive the best in customer care. Simply put, I’m very vested in this work so I’m slightly obsessed in making sure my customers are happy.  Can’t sleep at night if you’re not happy kind of thing.

Mermaids and Fairies Shop Here (that would include you).

Your choice in jewelry is a reflection of your personality. What you find beautiful, what you love, what you want to carry with you. Have you ever gone for a walk in the woods, found a lovely little acorn at your feet and put it in your pocket? Like the mermaid or woodland fairy, you appreciate the incredible beauty of the natural world around you and so you wish to carry a bit of it with you where ever you go.

  • Do you love the blue ocean?

You may notice a commitment to an aqua-blue color within the mermaid jewelry collection. The mermaids find this color most desirable, for this is the color that beckons them home when they are land-bound with legs.

  • Do you love the green woodland? 

And you may also notice a commitment to the color green here. This is the color of the woodland fairy. Green gives them the power to blend seamlessly into their forest surroundings and so they prize this color above the others.

  • Do you love natural elements with a bit of polished princess bling? 

You may notice the jewelry here is often raw and natural, bits and pieces from the ocean and the forest to put in your pocket, or around your neck. Stuff the common fairy folk find to wear. But mermaid and fairy royalty must be shiny. So you will find plenty of bling here as well, stones polished with a magical sparkle fit for a princess.